Serving Customer Needs Has Never Been More Profitable

During the massive growth in Internet popularity, there was also a similar increase in shoddy web hosting services. It wasn’t rare to hear someone complain about the quality of their web host.

More often than not, the problems can always be traced back to poor support technicians who may understand their trade, but are absolutely clueless on giving great customer service.

We realised that with a greater demand for quality IT services and not many companies actually giving great services, there was a growing gap between consumer needs and what was being provided. Someone had to step in to fill this gap and prevent the industry from getting an even worse reputation than what it already had. And so, iHostiGo was formed.

Since our creation we’ve skyrocketed to the forefront of information technology. iHostiGo has its hands in a diverse range of services, from traditional shared web hosting to dedicated servers, as well as increasingly popular hardware like state-of-the-art VPS services. Furthermore, we also run an extremely successful reseller hosting trade.

Our business model is straightforward. Serve customer needs, provide them what they want and make a healthy profit. By putting all our time and money to serving your needs and requirements, iHostiGo has grown to become a popular IT company in a fast-paced industry.

What Makes Us Different?

Commitment to our clients is something that doesn’t change no matter what service we provide. Everyone has their own specific set of needs. We give all our clients the attention they require, proving each and every one a personalised service they deserve. And we take full responsibility for all our services.

iHostiGo is one of the few web host providers that work hard to understand exactly what you need and go way beyond that. Not many can match the dedication we give to our clients, and how far we’ll go to make sure each and every one of the websites under our care is safe, secure, and working as optimally as possible.

We put the extra effort that other ISPs don’t in order to ensure you get exactly what you need. And we’re with you every step of the way, from the moment you sign up with us, to choosing the appropriate plan, and installation of the site. Of course, we’ll also be there for you after the site is live to deal with any issues for as long as you stay with us.

Making Your Life Easier

Information technology and web hosting in general can be a difficult subject to understand from someone who’s a complete beginner. There’s a reason why it’s regarded as a highly technical industry.

But not being an expert in IT shouldn’t prevent you from getting connected and creating an online presence for yourself or your business.

Not only are we good at what we do, we’re also experts at making complicated concepts easy to understand for all our clients, and handling the really difficult matters like professionals. Give yourself peace of mind and let us handle all the challenging elements. It’s what we’re trained to do.

Whether or an individual looking to launch a blog, or a business owner looking to take your company online, iHostiGo has all the skills needed to make your transition to the Internet a stress-free experience. We’ll get your site visibility on the Internet, and provide you with all the tools necessary to make sure it gets seen.

You do what you’re best at, and we’ll do what we’re best at.

Our People

We’re not satisfied by mediocrity. Here at iHostiGo, we ensure that our employees not only provide what’s expected of them, but to go beyond their limits, delivering customers the very best service. We give all our personnel intensive training and regular reviews to ensure that their technical knowledge is always updated.

We take the time and effort to invest in our very brightest because we believe that they represent the future of our company. In return, they grow our business in unimaginable ways. Our growth and success is as much due to our brilliant people as it is our dedication to serving customer needs.

Every single one of our employees look forward to meeting ad interacting with clients from a wide range of backgrounds. They’re not the stereotypical, hard-to-talk-to technician. They’re individuals with genuine personalities, empowered by our training to give you the very best service.

Our Future

Being a fast paced industry means the new comes quick and the old gets replaced fast. Just a decade ago our PCs were triple the size and weight and we could barely understand how to create an optimal site, let alone getting onto the Internet.

Nowadays, innovation propels the industry forward at lightning-fast speed.

We’re very eager about the growing popularity of Cloud-related services and all the potential it has to making providing your online lives greater ease of use and functionality. Wherever out industry travels, you can be sure that iHostiGo will always be at the forefront of research and development.